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Now that you have achieved your goals, this doesn’t mean that you will have great credit forever without putting work in. Just like any goal, you not only have to work to achieve it, you also have to work to maintain it.

Set New Goals for Yourself

Now that you have accomplished one thing on your bucket list by repairing your credit with us, it’s time to level up and set a new bigger, and better goal. This is how you build the life you want. Set goals and smash them one after another.

Begin the 4-key Point Credit Repair Process

Point 1: Diagnosis

We create a professional and customized plan for improving your credit.

Point 2: Repair

We remove derogatory/negative items holding back your credit scores.

Point 3: Detail

Evaluate your credit to maximize your scores with our credit tools.

Point 4: Freedom

Use your improved credit scores to accomplish your goals.

Credit Counseling

Credit counseling helps people who are having trouble getting approved for loans and credit cards. This includes people who have been turned down for loans because they have bad credit, people who can’t afford to borrow the money to buy a house or car, and students who are struggling with high student loan debt. Credit counseling can help you improve your credit score by helping you to improve your financial habits and understanding the credit process.

Credit counseling is a way for people to improve their credit and improve their financial lives. Credit counseling can be a challenge for those who are struggling with debt, and it’s hard to find a good credit counselor. World Faith Assurance offers both credit counseling and debt counseling. There is a difference between the two, and we’ll go over the difference below. Credit counseling is a service that helps those who are struggling with bad credit or debt. Our counselors are trained to help consumers have a better year financially. This is usually done with a plan of payment, or by showing them how to improve their credit score. Debt counseling is a service that helps with the monthly payments. This is done with a monthly payment plan, or by showing them how to improve their monthly bill with their creditors.

Our certified credit counselors help you understand how the credit system works and helps you develop a plan to solve your financial problems. We can also help you if you are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure. If you are struggling to make payments on your loans, World Faith Assurance can help you rebuild your credit and save money in the process.

Still Have Questions?

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